Gregg Neuman
Berkshire Hathaway HS - California Properties, San Diego Downtown Gaslamp
Dream Agent Profile

In real estate since 1981, Gregg and Debbie have developed strong skills, which complement each other. While Debbie oversees the office staff, listings, and advertising, Gregg handles the finances and sets goals. "gregg is the driving force of the business. I'm more the detail-oriented person. I back up what he espouses. He's a lot more aggressive, what you would perceive a salesman to be. We both sell, but I have a more passive selling style," said Debbie

One of the ways the Neumans have stayed innovative in the business was the creation of their "fine Homes Division" in 1996. Discovering quickly that contacts and credibility were crucial factors for success, they hired Paul Roberts, a retired businessman, as their marketing director. "that was probably the smartest thing we did in creating the division

"We've always chosen central office locations so that we can effectively serve our seller and buyer clients by being positioned strategically within approximately ½-hour drives to most communities within the county," says Debbie.
San Diego, CA